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Cliff Avril Signs One-Year Tender

Detroit Lions defensive end Cliff Avril is officially back with the Detroit Lions. The Detroit Free Press reports that Avril signed his one-year tendered contract offer this morning, marking his official return.

Avril said this on Twitter earlier today:

I'm back at it... Feels good to be back in the lockerroom...less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply

Avril will be able to practice this afternoon if the new collective bargaining agreement is ratified. It's expected that it will be, allowing Avril and all of the other players that were free agents when the lockout ended to hit the practice field.

Although Avril is back under contract, it's expected that he and the Lions will work on getting a long-term deal. In the meantime, the good news is that Avril's current contract will not be an issue as the team prepares for the season.