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Lions Notes: Martin Mayhew Talks Expectations, Salary Cap, NFL Free Agency

  • General manager Martin Mayhew said on Friday that the Lions are "at a point now where we expect to challenge for our division." He also said that the Lions have high expectations this year and that "it's time to stop talking about winning and start winning."
  • Mayhew was asked about the salary cap situation and said the Lions are "fine." According to Mayhew, a couple contracts were restructured and the Lions were on track to be under the cap by the 4 p.m. deadline on Friday.
  • Mayhew was hoping to sign both Stephen Tulloch and Eric Wright to multi-year deals. Since they ended up with one-year deals, Mayhew said it's possible that their contract situations will be addressed before or shortly after the season is over in order to work out something long-term.
  • Two more things from Mayhew's Friday media session: 1) He said that aside from quarterback, every position on the roster can be upgraded; and 2) He said that the Lions are building for the "long haul," not just for a one-year run.
  • Because he grew up in Chelsea, Michigan, Tony Scheffler knows how special a successful season would be for the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan.
  • Stephen Tulloch thinks Jim Schwartz will eventually put him back in the middle, but he said no matter what, he is willing to do whatever he is told.
  • Mikel Leshoure says his job is to complement Jahvid Best.
  • Maurice Leggett is excited to be playing for Gunther Cunningham again and Eric Wright is excited to have a change of scenery.
  • Mike Utley visited the Lions' practice on Friday.