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Detroit Lions Players Eligible For Practice Squad

Although the major focus this week is on the final round of NFL roster cuts that will happen on Saturday, teams will continue making moves on Sunday and Monday. Not only will teams take a look at filling needs on their 53-man roster with players let go during the final round of cuts, but they will also start assembling their practice squad.

The Detroit Lions may bring in a player or two from other teams to fill up their eight spots on the practice squad, but most openings will be filled with guys they let go during the final round of cuts. In order to get an idea of what the practice squad could look like, I've gone through the roster and determined that the following players are eligible to be on it (based on the practice squad rules I posted yesterday):

QB Zac Robinson
RB Ian Johnson*
FB Matt Clapp
WR Titus Young
WR Tim Toone
WR Nate Hughes
WR Dominique Barnes
OT Jason Fox
OT Johnny Culbreath
C Dan Gerberry*
DE Willie Young
DE Narada Williams
DT Nick Fairley
DT Robert Callaway
LB Doug Hogue
LB Caleb Campbell
LB Cobrani Mixon
CB Aaron Berry
CB Prince Miller
CB Paul Pratt*
S Ricardo Silva
P Ryan Donahue

* - Player has spent two years on a practice squad. In order to be eligible for a third year on a practice squad, the rules state that his team must have had 53 players on its roster during his entire period of employment. I believe that is the case with the Lions, but I can't say for sure. (These rules are quite tricky.)

A number of players on this list will make the Lions 53-man roster. Some players on this list who don't make the team may end up being signed by other teams. All players who don't make the team will be able to sign with any team's practice squad if they clear waivers and don't end up on a 53-man roster, so there is no guarantee the Lions will be able to fill out their practice squad with their first choices.

Also, it's important to remember that players on the practice squad can be signed to any 53-man roster at any time. As we saw when Lydon Murtha was signed by the Miami Dolphins off the Lions practice squad two years ago, there is a risk to putting some guys on the practice squad. (This year, for example, I highly doubt Zac Robinson will last long on the practice squad if he even clears waivers to begin with.)

(Note: TE Joe Jon Finley is not eligible for the practice squad since he spent the last three years on it -- one year with Detroit and two years with San Francisco. This means he has to make the team for the Lions to retain his services going forward.)