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Jerome Felton Claimed By Carolina Panthers Off Waivers

Part of the reason the Detroit Lions released fullback Jerome Felton during the first round of roster cuts was to give him extra time to find a new team. Just like with Dave Rayner, there was no point in delaying the inevitable, so the Lions cut him loose on Tuesday rather than waiting until Saturday.

Also just like Rayner, Felton was not without a job for long. Rayner signed with the Dallas Cowboys a day after being released, and Felton was quickly claimed off waivers by the Carolina Panthers. In fact, the Panthers weren't the only team interested in adding Felton.

The Carolina Panthers were awarded veteran fullback Jerome Felton off waivers from the Detroit Lions, and they had two competitors also vying for his services.

The Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles also put in waiver claims for Felton, but the Panthers have the top priority because of their dreadful 2010 season.

It's good to hear Felton is already back on an NFL roster, and I wish him the best of luck in Carolina.