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Louis Delmas Says Hip Injury Is 'Nothing Major'

On the final play of Sunday's Lions-Bucs game, safety Louis Delmas injured his hip. Amidst the chaos of several laterals on the final play, Delmas went down and stayed down after forcing a fumble. The Lions recovered the fumble to end the game, but Delmas appeared to get hurt in the process.

As with all injuries, Jim Schwartz didn't have much to say about Delmas' status, but Delmas himself addressed his health on Twitter last night.

Got the greatest fans. Thanks for checking on me. My hip is ok, nothing major.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

As far as I know, Delmas' injury is the only noteworthy one to come out of Sunday's game. I'm sure there were the usual bumps and bruises, but most of the issues on Sunday were related to the heat and players cramping up.