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Video: Tony Scheffler's Hilarious Touchdown Celebration

In the preseason against the New England Patriots, Detroit Lions tight end Tony Scheffler broke out a very, well, interesting touchdown dance. He did the celebration after he caught a pass for a score from Matthew Stafford, and the dance, or at least the decision to celebrate, was heavily influenced by teammate Nate Burleson.

On Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Scheffler scored another touchdown and broke out a much better and funnier celebration. Since the Lions were playing the Bucs, he pulled out an imaginary sword and started fencing. Take a look:

I've never thought of Scheffler as a flashy player, but Burleson certainly seems to be rubbing off on him. Not only did Scheffler break out a touchdown celebration that was interesting enough to write a story about, but he also had a funky-looking hairdo.

I imagine some aren't huge fans of Scheffler doing something other than just handing the ball to the referees, but as long as he isn't drawing penalties and keeps scoring, I'm fine with it.