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Detroit Lions Opponents Recap: Week 1

Throughout the season, I will take a look at how all of the opponents left on the Detroit Lions schedule perform. With one week in the books, we now have a better idea of what awaits the Lions during the rest of the 2011 season. Of course, one game isn't much of a sample size, but it's interesting to see if what happened in Week 1 has changed your thoughts about the remainder of the Lions schedule.

Chiefs (at Lions on Sept. 18) - lost to Bills at home, 41-7

Vikings (vs. Lions on Sept. 25; at Lions on Dec. 11) - lost to Chargers on road, 24-17

Cowboys (vs. Lions on Oct. 2) - lost to Jets on road, 27-24

Bears (at Lions on Oct. 10; vs. Lions on Nov. 13) - beat Falcons at home, 30-12

49ers (at Lions on Oct. 16) - beat Seahawks at home, 33-17

Falcons (at Lions on Oct. 23) - lost to Bears on road, 30-12

Broncos (vs. Lions on Oct. 30) - lost to Raiders at home, 23-20

Panthers (at Lions on Nov. 20) - lost to Cardinals on road, 28-21

Packers (at Lions on Nov. 24; vs. Lions on Jan. 1) - beat Saints at home, 42-34

Saints (vs. Lions on Dec. 4) - lost to Packers on road, 42-34

Raiders (vs. Lions on Dec. 18) - beat Broncos on road, 23-20

Chargers (at Lions on Dec. 24) - beat Vikings at home, 24-17

Combined record: 5-7