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Grade Jim Schwartz - September 2011

The last time Pride of Detroit readers graded Lions head coach Jim Schwartz (in February), 52 percent of the votes were for a B and 41 percent were for an A. Unlike the most recent time readers graded Martin Mayhew, the options in the poll were not broken down beyond the simple letter grades.

This time around readers can give Schwartz an A+, B- and so on. I will be interested to see if things change at all with more options being available, and I will also be interested to see if the Week 1 victory and what has happened since February affects the numbers at all.

Make sure to vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments. My thoughts can be found after the jump.

I gave Schwartz a B grade throughout last season and in the February poll. This time I am bumping his grade up to a B+. I had a tough time resisting the A- option because I do feel like Schwartz is on his way to earning a higher grade. The key phrase there is "on his way," though. Schwartz is close to getting into the A range for me, but I need to see the Lions sustain some success this season before I go any higher than a B+.

Hopefully in a month when we do this poll again I will have no issue giving Schwartz something in the A range. The Lions have the chance to get off to a great start, so it certainly wouldn't surprise me if the next edition of "Grade Jim Schwartz" results in a big swing toward the A range if the Lions keep winning.