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Lions Notes: Nick Fairley Begins Light Running

  • Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley did some light running today, indicating that he is progressing from his foot injury. He isn't sure when he will return, though.

    "No idea," Fairley said today, when asked how soon he’ll be back on the field. "I’m just working with the trainers and everything now. I’m trying to get everything to 110%, so when I get out there, I’ll be ready to go for the long run."

    Fairley did say he has been watching a lot of film and has been studying the playbook in order to not be too far behind when he can finally return to the field.
  • Running back Mikel Leshoure visited the team this week and said the doctors have told him he will "have no problem coming back from this injury."
  • Earlier this week, Jim Schwartz had this to say about the Lions' performance against the Buccaneers:

    "It’s all about how we play," Schwartz said at his weekly news conference today. "We can play a lot better than that. We didn’t show our best. It’s one thing if you physically get beat. A corner gets beat on a touchdown pass, offensive line gives up a sack, wide receiver drops a ball, running back fumbles a ball. Those are things we all learn to live with as coaches.

    "But some of the things that happen in the game didn’t show us in the best light, and that’s my job to make sure that doesn’t happen again."

    It's nice that the Lions are now at a point where the head coach is calling out his team even after a win. Just last year it was a major accomplishment if the Lions won a game, especially on the road. Now it's not necessarily just about getting a win; it's also about how you win.

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  • Schwartz described Gosder Cherilus' personal foul late in the Bucs game as "stupid," and he said that's a mild way to describe it.
  • Schwartz had this to say when he was asked if the Lions will continue taking risks by not booting every kickoff out of the end zone:

    "It will depend from game to game, but we want to be able to use our kickoff team," Schwartz said. "We're not always going to be satisfied with the 20-yard line. There will be time when we game plan directional kicks and try to pin them down. There will be other times where we just try to kick it deep. I think just about every team in the NFL is going to be the same way. We're not going to shy away from covering the football. "

  • Schwartz joked that Calvin Johnson could probably play any position on defense aside from defensive tackle.
  • The Lions' official site has video of Nate Burleson's interview with Johnson.
  • Chiefs coach Todd Haley thinks Johnson is "pushing toward" being one of the best receivers ever.
  • The Lions aren't going to announce their fifth captain each week. Instead they will just send out their captains for the coin toss and fans will find out which player is the weekly captain then.
  • The Lions appreciate all of the noise fans make when they are on defense, but they would prefer Ford Field to be quiet when they are on offense.
  • Sunday's game against the Chiefs will be on CBS since the Lions are hosting an AFC team. The announcers for the game will be Don Criqui and Randy Cross.
  • The Lions are 12th in SB Nation's NFL power rankings.
  • Matthew Stafford is seventh on Mike Sando's MVP watch list.
  • The Lions are favored by as many as nine points for Sunday's game. The line hasn't favored them this much since 2000 when they were nine-point favorites over the Bears, according to Dave Birkett.
  • Former Lions running back Ian Johnson has been signed to the 49ers practice squad and former Lions linebacker Caleb Campbell has joined the Colts practice squad.
  • Kevin Smith, another former Lions running back, worked out with the Dolphins, his hometown team, earlier this week.