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Martin Mayhew Declines Scott Pioli's Handshake Offer After Game

Although Sunday was the first time the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs met on the football field since Dec. 23, 2007, it wasn't the first run-in between the two teams in recent years. Off the field, the two teams did battle over tampering charges alleged by the Chiefs. Former Chiefs and current Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham was in the middle of the situation, and it's believed some comments he made to the media were ultimately the cause of the NFL's guilty ruling.

Throughout last week, Jim Schwartz downplayed the idea of the tampering charges serving as motivation for Sunday's game, but it was pretty clear that the Lions hadn't forgotten about them, as the 48-3 score suggests. It's not clear if the Lions intentionally ran up the score or not, but they certainly didn't take their foot off the gas. What's more, as time was running out in the fourth quarter, Cunningham was given a Gatorade shower by his defensive players, who seemed pretty excited that their coach got some revenge on his ex-team. Also, after the game, Lions general manager Martin Mayhew snubbed Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, according to Chris McCosky.

As the two general managers approached the same elevator at the end of the game Sunday, Pioli called out to Mayhew and extended his right hand.

Mayhew shook his head and turned his back on Pioli.

Does this mean we can now apply the phrase "Mayhewing somebody" to real-life situations instead of just trades?