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Welcome To The Pride: Mavyrk

Imagine my surprise a couple days ago when I woke up and discovered that I had been accepted as a front page writer on what I consider to be the best Lions blog on the internet—and I've been to my fair share. I figured it was a long shot when I sent my samples in, because I know how many great writers we have in this communityBut here I am, humbled.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Tony, but I've long gone by my pseudonym Mavyrk; or simply Mav for short. I was born in east-side Detroit and have lived in the suburbs all my life. I've worked as both a freelance writer and editor since high school, and I am very passionate about my Lions, as I know you all are.

Some of you may know me from my Fat Man With The Skinny articles from last year. More may know me from the mock elections last year, or perhaps the draft sleeper spotlights during the offseason. I love statistics. In fact, as so many of you have pointed out in the past, I probably love them to a fault. There goes not a day when I'm not digging through game books and stats trying to paint a picture that makes sense out of what our eyes don't tell us; the stats that show the trends too broad and subtle to notice casually. 

As I move forward into being a front page contributor, I promise you guys the same deep-digging post-game analyses that I truly love to write about. In addition, expect more fun community projects like last season's Mock Elections, more offseason draft analysis, and more ... well, me!

I recently set up a Twitter account (@Mavyrk) and am getting my feet wet there, so feel free to tweet me or e-mail me at

In less than one week, I will be celebrating my 24th birthday. What better birthday gift to receive than the opportunity to do what I love? You guys really have been like a family to me this past year. I hope I won't let you down.

Cheers to this community, this season and Sean. 

Go Lions! Rest in Peace, Killer.