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Lions Scored On All But One Trip To Red Zone In Preseason

The Detroit Lions offense was very explosive during the preseason, especially from inside their opponent's 20-yard line. The Lions were excellent a year ago in the red zone, and they were almost perfect during their four preseason games this year.

Over the course of the preseason, the Lions made 14 total trips to the red zone. Of those 14 trips, nine resulted in touchdowns for the Lions and four resulted in field goals. Only one trip -- a third quarter drive against the Patriots that ended on a Drew Stanton interception in the end zone -- didn't result in any points.

Here is how the scoring broke down for the Lions' 13 successful red zone trips:

vs. Bengals: seven-yard TD pass from Matthew Stafford to Nate Burleson, seven-yard TD run by Shaun Hill, 37-yard field goal by Jason Hanson

at Browns: four-yard TD pass from Stafford to Burleson, 25-yard field goal by Hanson, seven-yard TD pass from Drew Stanton to Maurice Stovall

vs. Patriots: 33-yard field goal by Hanson, nine-yard TD pass from Stafford to Burleson, 22-yard TD pass from Stafford to Tony Scheffler (the Lions got into the red zone before being backed up by a false start penalty, so this still counts as a trip to the red zone), nine-yard TD pass from Hill to Aaron Brown, four-yard TD pass from Stanton to Derrick Williams

at Bills: 16-yard TD pass from Hill to Stovall, 35-yard field goal by Hanson

If you had to pick one player as the best red zone performer during the preseason, who would it be? Personally I went with Burleson, who had a touchdown reception in the red zone in all three preseason games he played in.