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Lions Game Ball Of The Week: Gunther Cunningham

Throughout the season, I will hand out a game ball each week to a player or coach from the Detroit Lions. A similar series of posts ran every other week last year, and this year Samsung is sponsoring a weekly post.

The first game ball of this season goes to Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. While there were certainly a number of players deserving of the honor, it was an easy choice to go with Cunningham. His defense was extremely impressive against the Kansas City Chiefs, allowing only a field goal and forcing six turnovers. What's more, the Chiefs are Cunningham's former team and the team that accused him and the Lions of tampering. This is a big reason why Cunningham was so emotional after Sunday's win.

Just as soon as he was done crying, that is. I asked safety Louis Delmas if Cunningham had broken down emotionally when he thanked the team in the postgame locker room, knowing full well that's sort of like asking if the mother of the bride cried during the wedding.

"Man, let me tell you something: Gun always breaks down," Delmas said. "Gun might be the biggest baby I know. But he's very passionate about the game, and when you see your kids -- for lack of a better word -- going out there and playing the way you teach them to play, it's very satisfying." 

Very satisfying indeed.