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VIDEO: Matthew Stafford Mic'd Up Against Chiefs

Yesterday on NFL Network's Sound FX, a segment was shown featuring moments from the Lions-Chiefs game with Matthew Stafford mic'd up. It was quite entertaining, and via the Free Press comes embeddable video of the segment. Check it out:

In case you can't watch it, a recap of the best moments from the video is after the jump.

  • On posters in the crowd: "I think Suh bought all those seats. That's the Suh squad over there. (laughing) It was a huge Suh-cess."
  • To a ref after a hit by Tamba Hali: "Close. Close to late. 91. Pretty close. Pushing the limit." (A flag for roughing the passer was thrown on the next hit they showed.)
  • To Hali after another late-looking hit: "Hey, appreciate the helmet in the back." (Stafford smiled, probably because he threw a touchdown before he was hit.)
  • On phone to coaches in press box: "Hello. The party is on, my friend."
  • Ref to Stafford: "You look like you're having fun." Stafford shook his head yes, which was no surprise considering it did look like he was having a lot of fun.
  • In huddle: "Calvin, you just run by everybody, all right?"
  • After Calvin Johnson dropped a pass on third-and-goal, Stafford motioned and told the coaches to give it to him again. On fourth-and-goal, Stafford hit Johnson for a touchdown.
  • To Johnson after the score: "You got two more (touchdowns) today? 32 sounds good."
  • To Gunther Cunningham: "I like three points. If you give up three, we can win every week. I'll get you one touchdown, maybe two field goals."