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Lions Notes: More Fun With Stats

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  • The Detroit Lions are one of three teams with a 3-0 record. The Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers are the other two teams that have started the season 3-0. The Washington Redskins are also undefeated, but they have only played two games so far. (Washington takes on the Dallas Cowboys -- Detroit's opponent next Sunday -- on Monday night.)
  • There was some brief confusion after Jason Hanson made the game-winning field goal in overtime on Sunday. It's not clear what was going on, but it sort of seemed like the referees weren't aware the game was over. Perhaps they were thinking the playoff overtime rules were in effect and the game wasn't over, but it was as soon as the field goal went through the uprights.

    Jim Schwartz was none too pleased with the confusion and he let the referees know about it. Luckily for us, the referee's microphone picked up what Schwartz was yelling at the officials: "Learn the f---ing rules!"
  • No microphones picked up what Schwartz had to say after his epic fist pump, but it is believed that Schwartz yelled this: "Minnesota … f--- you!" You gotta love the Schwartz.
  • Calvin Johnson is the first player in NFL history to catch two touchdowns in each of his first three games of the regular season. His six touchdown receptions so far mean he is on pace for 32 touchdowns this season. Last week when he was mic'd up, Matthew Stafford joked about the on-pace numbers with Johnson by saying, "32 sounds good."
  • Speaking of Stafford, he is currently on pace to throw for 5,210 yards and 48 touchdowns during the 2011 season.
  • NFL Network had a very interesting graphic about how different things were the last time the Lions started 3-0 (in 1980). The president was Jimmy Carter; gas only cost $1.22 a gallon; a postage stamp was only 15 cents; and the DOW Jones average was a mere 964.
  • From Matt Barnhart: Stafford's nine touchdowns in the first three weeks tied him for the franchise record with Milt Plum for the most touchdown passes in the first three games of the season.
  • Also from Barnhart: This is the first time the Lions have won four straight road games since they rattled off four in a row from 1969 to 1970.
  • And one more from Barnhart: Sunday's 20-point comeback was the Lions' third biggest rally in team history and their biggest ever road comeback.
  • Two really interesting notes from Michael Schottey on the last time the Lions were 3-0: Gary Danielson was the starting quarterback and only eight of the current Lions players were alive.
  • The Minnesota Vikings paid tribute to Tom Kowalski by not filling the seat assigned to him. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills did the same thing earlier this month.
  • When the Lions play the Chicago Bears two weeks from Monday, they better make sure to track the ball on punts instead of looking strictly at the returner. I say this because on Sunday, the Bears completely faked out the Packers by Devin Hester acting like he was locating the ball. This drew the Packers' entire cover unit to Hester, but the ball was actually caught on the other side of the field by Johnny Knox. He was able to return the punt with ease for a touchdown, but a questionable holding penalty resulted in the return being nullified. It was a very cool play and it's something to look out for in the future when teams play the Bears.

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