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Johnny Culbreath Reportedly Out Indefinitely With Medical Condition

Detroit Lions rookie offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath left practice earlier this week with what was being called an illness issue. It wasn't clear what was wrong, but he didn't play on Thursday as a result of it, and it doesn't sound like he will be playing at all in the near future.

Lions rookie OT Johnny Culbreath will be sidelined indefinitely while he deals with a medical condition. Should be okay eventually.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Hearing that a player "should be okay eventually" is a bit concerning. It's not clear what is wrong with Culbreath, nor is it clear how his spot on the roster will be treated.

In any case, I wish Culbreath the best as he recovers from whatever medical issue he is dealing with.

UPDATE: Dave Birkett reports that it "looks like" Culbreath will be placed on injured reserve.