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Lions Notes: Sunday's Game Likely Will Be Blacked Out In Tampa Bay

  • According to Aaron Wilson, the Lions gave tight end Tory Humphrey a tryout. Also, they apparently hosted offensive guard Chris Stewart for a visit. In all likelihood, the Lions are simply assembling a list of players that could be brought in if injuries happen during the season.
  • Also according to Wilson, tight end Richard Dickson received an injury settlement and has been released from injured reserve.
  • One of the big reasons why the Lions have improved so much over the last few years is because there has been a lot of roster turnover. Proof of that comes in this statistic: Detroit has only 10 players left on its roster from the 2008 team that went 0-16.
  • Although there has been a lot of roster turnover since 2008, there wasn't much this past offseason. John Clayton recently mentioned that the Lions added only 12 new players this year, which is the seventh lowest amount in the league. As Clayton said, finally the Lions have some stability with their roster.
  • It looks like the Lions-Buccaneers game will be the only one blacked out during Week 1 of the season. Thankfully this game is in Tampa Bay and it's a Buccaneers blackout as opposed to a Lions one.
  • You can go here to check out a coverage map for the Lions-Bucs game.
  • Speaking of blackouts, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a running tally of how many tickets they have to sell for each home game to avoid blackouts. It's surprising they are so forthcoming with those numbers, and it would have been nice the last couple of years to know well ahead of time how close the Lions were to selling out each game rather than not finding out until days before the game. Luckily something like that probably wouldn't be too relevant this year with no blackouts expected.
  • Lions punter Ryan Donahue came close to giving up football. The Free Press has the story of how he continued playing and made it to the pros.
  • On their day off on Tuesday, Ndamukong Suh and some of his teammates got together to play video games and go fishing.
  • Former Lions tight end Dan Gronkowski has signed with New England, where he will play with his brother Rob.
  •'s Richard Deitsch has a guide to the 2011 NFL broadcast teams for all of the different networks.