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Lions Notes: Eminem Analyzes The Lions, NFL

  • Eminem, who is apparently quite the football aficionado, shared his thoughts on the Detroit Lions in a recent interview with GQ. Here is what he had to say:

    "Oh my god, it's incredible. It's so f***ing exciting. We've got pieces, man. We just need a few more things. We need to spend a few of our draft picks getting better in the secondary. [Louis] Delmas is ill. Our defensive line is awesome. We get Mikel Leshoure and Jahvid Best back next year, too. We've got bona fide stars on our team. It feels good to finally root for a team that's headed in the right direction. F***, man, if you look at Stafford—this was his first full season. 5,000 yards! He did some incredible s***, and I can't grasp how he got left off the Pro Bowl team for Eli Manning."

    Me neither, Em. Me neither.
  • Aaron Berry apologized again on Monday for his controversial tweet after the loss to the Saints. Also on Monday, Jim Schwartz had some good advice on how to handle a situation like that: "You need to be able to take a deep breath before you do stuff like that." Schwartz also said this is why he only sends out tweets and doesn't read the ones directed at him. That way he isn't exposed to criticism.
  • Martin Mayhew said this week that Ndamukong Suh's play this season was "pretty solid" and very consistent. Mayhew also said this: "I was happy with him, and I wouldn’t trade him for anybody else."
  • The initial list of invites to the 2012 NFL Combine has been released.
  • According to CNN, the Lions played the Chargers in a playoff game yesterday afternoon, and even though Ford Field was listed as the venue, a weather forecast was given. Yeah, that makes sense.
  • Former Lions quarterback Jon Kitna decided to retire this week.
  • The Oakland Raiders fired Hue Jackson earlier this week.
  • Some unnamed Jets players really don't like Mark Sanchez.

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