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Kevin Smith, Tony Scheffler Fine After Collision In Practice On Wednesday

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During Wednesday's practice, Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith and tight end Tony Scheffler had what was apparently quite the collision. They were running routes during a passing drill and unfortunately ran into each other. Tweets were flying in shortly after it happened, and initially there was some concern about Smith potentially being hurt.

Thankfully, both Smith and Scheffler are doing fine. Although the collision likely didn't feel good at all, neither appears to be injured.

"Both guys finished practice," coach Jim Schwartz said. "They just ran into each other."

In the afternoon, Scheffler tweeted this about the collision:

For the record: Joining faces with @kevinsmith34 wasn't on my list of things to do today.......all good though.
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Smith said he was fine after practice, so it appears the disaster of an accidental collision injuring key contributors the week of a playoff game has been averted.