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Lions Nearly Traded For Eagles' Asante Samuel, According To Report

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Back in the summer, when it was unclear what the Detroit Lions' plans were at cornerback, a lot of fans were hoping that the team would try to trade for Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel. Once Nnamdi Asomugha signed with the Eagles, Samuel was sort of looked at as the odd man out. Although the Lions had already added Eric Wright, Chris Houston had not re-signed at the time.

As it turns out, the Lions did try to trade for Samuel. In fact, a deal was in place before the deal fell apart, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And tick off Asante Samuel the Eagles did. They should have just traded Samuel when they had the chance during training camp. Roseman, at one point, had a deal to send Samuel to the Lions for a second-round pick, two sources close to the situation said. Roseman even went so far as to have the Lions call Samuel. But he wanted a first round pick instead and called off the deal.

(UPDATE: I received further clarification on this proposed deal from another source close to the situation. The compensation for Samuel that was agreed upon was not just a second round pick, but two second day draft picks, and the deal fell apart for reasons other than draft compensation.)

Instead of giving up two picks in the second and third rounds for Samuel, the Lions ultimately brought back Houston to fill the other hole at cornerback. Considering how well Houston played this season before getting hurt and that the Lions made the playoffs, I'd say not trading for Samuel worked out pretty well for them.