10 Potential Off-season targets

Hey the season is over. Wow that was fun while it lasted. Never seen my Lions as a playoff contender. I am so pleased with how this season ended I can't even describe how proud I am of these men. So here is a list of a few targets I think you could see the Lions go after in this off-season. I don't project any of them as a lock but a possibillity for sure.

1 . Asante Samuel - I called it this year and I'll be damned if it didn't almost happen. Eagles will owe him some serious cash this year. It is really feasible to keep him and he may not even want to stay. The Lions are still desperate for that number 1 corner and for a fair price Asante gives them that guy for now. It dosen't end hear, The secondary will be shuffled around for 2012. I am not sold on the return of Eric Wright, Houston I see returning as the #2. With Alphonso Smith and Berry both returning. There will be 2 new corners in the secondary I predict.

2 Peter Konz - Origianlly I had DeCastro as my #1 favorite to pick. Unless the Lions trade up I think Wisconsins 1st rounder center will be sitting there for the pick in the first round. Dom will stay at reduced pay he's a great leader and smart player. Konz has the physical atrributes that Dom just dosen't have. This isn't personal Doms a great player but we need a stronger force. Unless DeCastro becomes an option or a Left Tackle drops I think Konz is the best option in the 1st round. Mayhew must adress the Offensive line this season along with the secondary.

3 Cliff Avril - This is obvious the Lions need Cliff and Cliff needs the Lions stout D line. Lions top priorty will be to get Avril under a 4 or 5 year contract. After the season he had they will be willing to pay Avril. We have to take care of our own first a foremost.

4. Jim Schwartz - Contract Extension were talking 4 or 5 years locked down for the Maywartz empire.

5. Shaun Prater/ Leonard Johnson - 2 corners in this years draft that should be there in the 3rd round at the current early stages in the draft. I expect the Lions will take a rookie corner at some point in the draft. With Houston, Samuel, Phonz and Berry he won't be expected to do to much to early.

6. Jeff Backus - He will be a free agent this year. I expect him to return to the Lions but he isn't a lock to start. The Lions may bring in a young tackle through the draft or free agency. Unless they have decided Fox is ready. Backus will compete for his job. The lack luster performance of the O line as a season cannot go ignored again. Many jobs will be up for grabs.

7. Maurice morris - gone and gone. Mo has a cap number that will not justify his play. Leshour returns and must play. Expect the last 2 spots to be Kevin Smith and Joquie Bell in 2012.

8. Gaurd postion - It's hard to give a name but there will be draft oppertunitys and free agency. This is a spot a trade wouldn't shock me either. I expect the Lions to obtain a new gaurd on the roster. Wether or not he replaces Peterman is hard to guess. The Lions cannot ignore the inconsitency that is Stephen Petermans NFL career,

9 Free agent corners - If the Lions don't get Asante or simply don't get to draft a corner they will sign one. Targets may include Ladarius Webb, Rashean Mathis, Aaron Ross, and sadly Courtland Finegan. I hate Finegan he's dirty and so many other things. He's alost a Schwartz guy so I hope it dosen't happen but I can't rule it out.

10. Defensive Backs Coach - There will be a change on the coaching staff. it won't be a big name but I expect the Lions to be in the market for a new guy to work with the DBs every day.

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