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Dominic Raiola on anonymous rival GM who trashed Lions: 'F 'em'

Dominic Raiola was fired up when asked about some comments an anonymous rival general manager recently made about the Lions.

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If the rival general manager who decided to anonymously trash the Detroit Lions to was looking for a reaction, his wish has been realized. On Tuesday, the Lions were asked about the comments made by this unnamed general manager. Lions center Dominic Raiola didn't hesitate to call out the unnamed GM for the comments and the fact that he chose to remain anonymous. From Fox Sports Detroit:

"If they had any balls, they’d say who they were," Raiola said of the anonymous GM. "That’s kind of like a coward statement to me. Anonymous, that’s kind of whack.

"That fires me up. That’s taking a shot at the Lions organization. That ain’t right. I’m going to say F ‘em. I can’t say the word. But I’ll say F ‘em."

Raiola especially wasn't happy with the anonymous GM calling Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew "overrated." Raiola said that Schwartz and Mayhew "work hard putting the right talent on the field" and "bust their ass doing this." He finished up his comments by saying that it's on the players to have Schwartz and Mayhew's back, which is why he was so fired up about what the anonymous GM said.

Schwartz essentially shrugged off the comments from the anonymous GM when he was asked about them. Specifically, Schwartz had this to say (via the Free Press):

"We’re judged on winning in this league, we’re not judged on popularity contest or what somebody says under the cloak of anonymity," Schwartz said. "We’re judged by the number of games we win over the course of 16 games and we’re a 1-3 team that’s looking for a win. That’s enough for us right now."

Schwartz is right. While the GM behind the comments may have acted cowardly by not attaching his name to what he said, the fact of the matter is that the Lions will ultimately be judged on their record. This isn't college football where pollsters and computers determine who plays for a championship. In the end, it's up to the Lions to prove these claims wrong.

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