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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday, Oct. 10

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's Wednesday post-practice press conference.

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Following Wednesday's practice, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz met with the media. Below is a look at what he had to say. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On QB Michael Vick being a playmaker regardless of his numbers: "We certainly respected his ability to make a play. He's turned the ball over a little bit, but you also look at the last drive when he took them down the field in the fourth quarter to give them the lead in that game. They're near the top in the League in big plays and a lot of that has to do with the quarterback. (He) opens up some things, he can scramble, buy time, push the ball down the field. You certainly respect the player and we have a lot of respect for Michael Vick."

On if he had ever gotten the chance to meet Alex Karras: "Unfortunately, no. Obviously followed not only his football career, but his acting career. I don't think there's anybody that saw "Blazing Saddles" that doesn't have respect for him even if they weren't a Lions fan. Sad day for America - a lot of people got to know him through TV shows and stuff like that. The people in Detroit were lucky to have him play here."

On incorporating schemes into his game plans that have been successful for other teams: "You have to always keep in mind what you're good at. You can only keep chasing two rabbits and then don't catch any. You sort of need to worry about what you do well and things like that."

On what the Eagles secondary does well: "They devote a lot of resources, obviously a big contract for CB Nnamdi Asomugha last year and traded for DRC (CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) and they have a lot of good players particularly up front. I think the biggest improvement on their defense has been their linebackers from this year to last. They drafted a really good player in (LB Mychal) Kendricks, (LB DeMeco) Ryans is a young veteran but he's very experienced, he's a good player. They solidified the inside part of their defense and that's made a difference for them this year."

On expecting WR Calvin Johnson to get more single coverage: "I think everybody has a plan against Calvin. We just have to go with what we see on tape and make adjustments from there. We'll prepare for just about anything."

On S Louis Delmas returning: "Well we were very fortunate to draft Louis Delmas and I think everybody saw why. (He) covers a lot of ground, he's good against the run and the pass, he's a multi-dimensional player, very rarely makes mental mistakes and he's developed into an outstanding safety. The only downside is last year he finished the season not healthy and this year he wasn't able to begin the season. But even back on the practice field and when we get him back, he'll not only add what he does as a football player -which is pretty obvious- but Lou is an emotional guy. He's an enthusiastic guy. He plays the game with a lot of passion and that's contagious. We need a little bit of that also."

On WR Titus Young battling a knee injury: "It's impacting him. Any time you miss practice time when you're a young player, it's going to impact. But you have to persevere through it. He's worked very hard in rehab and all those different things. And there's some days he's able to do more than others. But it certainly has had an impact simply because when you're a young player, the sync of the offense and things like that. He'll be a productive player for us. He's worked very hard and we'll get through that."

On any other reason his strong offseason hasn't translated: "I think it's been more what we've being seeing offensively, trying to seal off the outside part of the field. I think that's had a little bit to do with it. We still expect big things from Titus and from all our wide receivers."

On DE Kyle Vanden Bosch just resting: "We're just getting back to his Wednesdays off."

On winning being the ultimate way to get respect: "Certainly. That's the only thing that we're judged on. This league gets a lot of attention obviously. There's people interested. People need things to talk about. You get tired of talking about win/loss record after a couple minutes. The Eagles are 3-2 right now. All 3 wins combine 4 points. You see how that could have gone a different way. Even losing last week by 2. Other than the Arizona game, they played in tight games. They were able to come out ahead. It didn't matter. You don't get any extra points for winning by 1 or winning by 2. You get the win. And that's the bottom line in this business. There's a lot of things for people to talk about. That's what's good about the NFL but we just need to focus on getting a win regardless of how it is. Whether we run, pass, blitz, don't blitz, however we fashion it. That's the bottom line. We started 1-3. We didn't do a good enough job in the first four games doing that."

On the way Vick plays and getting shots at him on defense: "I don't know that you play it that way. I think you have to know defensively that he can extend the play. Defensive backs, pass rushers, they get used to having a clock in the NFL, how long they have to cover or how low they have to pass rush and he's obviously different. You're going to have to stay after the quarterback. You may think you're out of the rush and he reverses the field and comes back to you. Coverage-wise you may cover the initial route, but he starts scrambling and you're going to have to plaster up for the other stuff. I think that gives you more opportunities in a pass rush because it's not just 1 2 3 and the ball comes out. Even though he's done a good job. They run West Coast stuff and he throws quick. He does a good job of throwing his slants and his stick routes and things like that. He can get rid of the ball quick but I think his ability to extend the play definitely changes the clock on defense."

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