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Lions quotes: Friday's comments from Jim Schwartz, Gunther Cunningham

Jim Schwartz and Gunther Cunningham addressed the media following Friday's practice.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham had to say following Friday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)


On updates on RB Jahvid Best: "I don't have any updates. He's been through a lot of testing this week and as far as I know, they're still going over the results. I don't know if we'll even hear anything today. It's still an ongoing process. This testing, which as far as I know has been completed. I don't know if there's anything else that they require there."

On Best saying he was going to get the results today: "The results of tests are a lot different than analyzing those. And we don't go over them. Doctors do that. You're trying to get a lot of different guys together. I don't honestly know when they would be able to do all that."

On if the results are more complicated than a pass/fail: "That's what we all know about concussions. There's nothing simple about them. They're never just, 'hey you can go play with pain.' It's not like any other injury. We've said that before. It's also not just a red light or green light. There's a lot of shades in there. We'll just defer to the people who know the most and wait just like everybody else."

On S Louis Delmas not practicing but running outside and jumping on a tackling dummy: "We had planned to ease him back at the end of the week. He's doing well. He's not having any setbacks and I'd like to keep it that way. "

On DE Kyle Vanden Bosch getting Wednesdays off: "Any player can benefit from some rest, Kyle included. I thought he had a very good year last year and he didn't practice on any Wednesdays. I think that all of our guys on defense can play better, Kyle included. There's been times we've rushed the passer very well, other times where we haven't gotten a whole lot of pressure. We have a lot of confidence in him and he's a good player. He's had production this year but just like everybody, I think we can do some more."

On DTs Sammie Hill and Nick Fairley splitting the reps in DT Corey Williams' absence: "We're just hoping that all our guys play well, not necessarily seizing anything other than the opportunity to go in and play and play well and make plays that contribute to a good defensive effort and contribute to a win."

On how hard it is for a young cornerback from a small school like CB Bill Bentley or CB Jonte Green to learn the skill to turn their head and locate the football in the NFL: "It's not as easy as you would think because it's not just locating the ball down the field. The quarterback can throw the ball 50 yards down the field but he can also throw it 15 yards down the field. You have to defend that route from the line of scrimmage all the way down the field. And that's not really typical of high school or college, it really doesn't matter what level you're at. As far as college playing experience, the NFL is a little bit different. They'll throw that ball right underneath you if you're too far on top. So there's a fine line there and those guys are good players. They'll get better at it and they need to. We've seen players do that before. CB Chris Houston had a little bit of an issue with that early in his career. He's done an outstanding job of playing the ball for us. I think those other guys can do it. We need them to do it quickly."

On Eagles Defensive Line Coach Jim Washburn: "He's a very passionate coach. He's been successful in a lot of different situations with a lot of different personnel, a lot of different players. It's not like he rode one group of guys to a good reputation and hasn't done anything since or anything like that. He's rotated a lot of guys and had a lot of different people have success. I think if you look at the people that he's trained in the NFL, the success they had, they money they made, is fairly unprecedented I think for a position coach. We spent a lot of time together, but now we're on opposing sides. Once the game starts, you're not thinking about anything other than the players that are on the field."

On he and Washburn making the wide nine defensive scheme what it is today in the NFL: "It was an adjustment to the people that we played in our division, things that came up over the course of the season, what fit our personnel and it was developed over a fairly long period of time. It wasn't just, ‘write it down and do it.' Just like any other scheme and I think I've said this before, whether you're a 3-4 team, a 4-3 team, if you're a power-running team or a team that's empty and throwing the ball all the time, if it fits your personnel it's a good scheme. If it doesn't fit your personnel it's not. The same thing can be said for the wide nine."

On what year he and Washburn came up with the wide nine: "We didn't really come up with it. Everybody's done it in the NFL. We were probably one of the first people to use it exclusively. Everybody's had it in their scheme. It's just like components of West Coast offense. Everybody had those components in their offense, it was just the using them all the time. It was the same thing with that (wide nine). I don't know. It was developed over time. Each year we used it a little bit more, eventually it became pretty much the full time scheme. But again, it was the matter of fitting our personnel. We had smaller defensive end(s). Jevon Kearse had a lot to do with it. We drafted Jevon and a lot of people said, ‘What are you going to do with that guy? He's 255/260 pounds. He can't play defensive end. He's got to play linebacker.' He was a good player and it was challenge to put him in good position, just like any coach is going to try to do."

On how important it is to end this three game losing streak: "It's important to get a win. What we did the last three games really have no more bearing on this one than any other one. But for sure it would be good to get off of that and be able to get a little bit of momentum back. We've had some time to sort of regroup, get fresh; we're healthier than we've been this season. We need to translate that through a good performance on Sunday and win on Sunday."


On S Louis Delmas' return: "Obviously, you know, he's not just a really good player, but he's a big time leader on this team and I think, no matter who you ask in the organization, just tell you the same thing I said. He's so important to us because he makes us go. Now, as far as playing time, how much he's going to play, I can't tell you that right now. He worked hard this week but we need to be careful, too, you know? You can't just come back and play 100 plays. So we're going to have to be bright about that and Jim's (Schwartz) in charge of it so he'll handle it and he'll handle it right."

On if he expects Delmas to play Sunday: "I sure hope so. I've been waiting for two of those guys to get back there and start playing together again. I think Amari Spievey's had a really good week of practice as well and Erik Coleman and John Wendling have done a good job, so it feels like the group's getting back together and health's coming back."

On preparing for Eagles QB Michael Vick: "Well, you know, I've coached a few years in this League. Just a couple. Michael Vick I would never trust him. No, I would never trust him. You know, Michael Vick is a great athlete and I remember when Jordan sat out a couple years in basketball. He first started playing and people said "Well, he's lost it." About two weeks later he was scoring 45 a game so, you know, these guys like Michael Vick, they don't just suddenly drop off the edge. I watch him, his arm is great. I think he's just trying to play more in the system. His scrambles are cut down a little bit, but he's still moving well. He's a fine athlete with a great arm."

On the Eagles' ability to hit the big play: "Obviously, they can move the ball and they throw it and they have a great scheme. Andy Reid is one of the great coaches in the League offensively. I looked at his 2009 stuff the other day when in 2010 or whenever we played him last, and to a stat everything is exactly the same except one thing, the turnovers. So they're on the right track. We need to just take care of business and be aware of the big plays and stay hot."

On the difficult transition for young cornerbacks: "Young corners, I don't know what they think about. It's like our guy Bill Bentley. He can run as fast as anybody in the NFL and he is on guys. But he needs to learn to finish the technique. Tim Walton, I don't know how long he kept him out here the other night, but they were throwing a lot of deep balls. You know, it's a process. You know, the whole thing in professional sports when you get young people, especially out on an island like a corner, that takes a while. It takes a while to have your mind right, and if a young guy has success, usually that failure will come quick the next year. They get cocky and they stop studying, but it's a difficult place to play and, you know, you face every week a 6-4 guy that can run 4.3 and for a 5-10 guy that's a tough job."

On the effectiveness of DTs Sammie Hill and Nick Fairley's play against Minnesota: "It wasn't effective enough for me. They found out this week. So they're practice tempo has been up tempo a little bit. We need them to play more. You know, we need that power and the size of those two guys and I expect them to keep getting better. And we have them here for a reason. Sammie was a great find for us in the fourth round and Nick was a great draft choice in the 13th pick. We need to start playing better and up tempo this thing a little bit more."

On DT Corey Williams role with the team during his injury: "Oh yeah. Yeah, he was here last Saturday morning and he was still on crutches at the time. I asked him, I said, ‘Will you come to the meeting tonight?' He said there's no way he would miss it, and he was there and he really is the statesman of the group. I don't want to say he's older because I think he's got a few more years left to play this game and I also think that Corey Williams is a kind of guy that the League office should consider after he does decide to quit. He's bright, he's very personable and he's easy to talk to for a coach. That's not always true and what I was doing on the field was getting his advice on some of the guys we're working with to get them better. At one point he was telling me about a specific conversation he had with a player and he said, ‘You know, Gun? I poured my guts out to the guy.' And I said, ‘Well, what happened?' and he said, "He didn't do a damn thing I told him to.' I started laughing. I couldn't stop laughing and he thought for a minute I was laughing at him. I said, ‘Well, you're going to be a fine young coach and you're finding out early in your career what that's like.' You know, you keep telling a guy the same thing over and over and they don't respond and if you stick with it, somewhere down the line they get it. You know, they grow up. Corey's wonderful to talk to about those things."

On how important it is to get a win this week: "Oh, I don't know how many hours I've had sleep-wise, but it hasn't been very many. You know, I'm sure Jim (Schwartz) has done a great job and the defensive coaches on our side of the ball, we've really up-tempoed the coaching even more. I think sometimes you've got to be careful you wear the players out and make them nervous. But after today's practice, I feel pretty good about that. We know what we have to do and we need to play with that same intensity that we've had, and sometimes when you've got guys injured like we've had to safeties out, there's an automatic excuse. I've addressed that quite loudly quite a few times over the recent weeks, and I think it's really important that we understand we can't just line up and go out there and expect to win. We need to earn the win, and I think they got that message. I think we'll be ready."

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