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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday, Oct. 17

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say following Wednesday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On expanding about the possibility of RB Jahvid Best coming back: "No I can't expand on it. And no I don't know what the likelihood is."

On if Best will take another concussion test sometime in the next 3 weeks: "I think I said on Monday I'm sort of on a being notified basis on that one so I'll leave it up to other people to comment on that."

On if Best needs to be cheered up: "I think he's been in a great frame of mind."

On how concerning the cornerback depth is right now: "It's early in the week."

On DT Nick Fairley's performance Sunday: "We expected stuff like that when we drafted him in the first round. I don't want to give him pats on the back for doing what we expect from (him)."

On the defensive success against good running backs so far this season: "I think that was probably the big thing. We've had a few weeks where the long run has been like 10 yards, 11 yards. Which means that our secondary has tackled pretty good. We've also offset it with some tackles for loss. We had a lot of tackles for losses this last game. Stopping the run has always been important to us. We've done a better job, but like I said and what you alluded to is for the most part we haven't been dealing with any big chunks in the running game and that goes a long way. When we've allowed big plays on defense, it's been scores. Not just the 70 yard touchdown but when they get 20 yard chunks it's been leading to scores. And we've done a good job of limiting big plays. We've held them to field goals and have been able to get off the field. Run game is no different than the pass game when it comes to that."

On the challenge RB Matt Forte presents: "He's made big plays against us. He's a good running back. He's a guy, a lot like RB LeSean McCoy, he can run inside but he's a very good parameter threat. He's a good screen threat and we're going to have to bring our very best to get him stopped. "

On what WR Brandon Marshall has done for Chicago's offense: "Number one, he's a size receiver, he's an experienced receiver. He's given them a consistent wide receiver threat leading their team by far in receptions. I think he's got three touchdowns. He's made a lot of big plays for them. The quarterback has confidence in them, quarterback's played with him before. A lot of times when you're bringing a wide receiver onto your team, it takes a little while for him to get into the swing offensively and rapport with the quarterback. That's stuff that's built over hundreds and hundreds of reps on practice fields and during games. It just doesn't happen overnight. But in this case, they already had a past that they were able to fall back on. They're probably a little farther along than a new combo of wide receiver and quarterback."

On the key to Chicago's defense causing turnovers and scoring touchdowns: "Good players. Look at the score of some of their games. When teams have gotten behind, which teams have against them in all but pretty much one game, the offense is playing from behind. They're a very good pass rush team. They have a lot of sacks. They put pressure on the quarterback. You can't be patient. You have to take shots down the field. A lot of that happened in the game we played at Chicago last year. We turned the ball over. We were moving the ball well the first two series, we fumbled on both of them and we got behind in the game where the wind gusting at 40 miles per hour and it was a tough game to try to push the ball down the field when we had to because we were behind in the game. All of the sudden turnovers came. They're a very opportunistic bunch. They have guys that have good ball awareness down the field and combine that with a good pass rush team. And then their offense has been able to score points. It's easy to see why they've gotten turnovers and turned them into scores.

On evaluation run defense, the emphasis put on quarterback scrambles that aren't tailback runs: "Those are pass plays. That's really not rushing offensively. It's called pass. You're going to fit it a lot different than you are. Unless it's a called run and the quarterback's running it from some of the stuff that we've seen from teams in the NFL. It's more of a pass defense issue than it is a run defense issue."

On how CB Chris Greenwood looked today: "He's back on the practice field. It's been a long time and we'll get him up to speed as quick as we can."

On toeing the line between playing emotional and avoiding being baited into fights: "I think we've put that in our past. You certainly don't want to get penalties, particularity penalties like that. There's a line and it's pretty easy enough to see where that line is."

On the Bears being one of the more complete teams the Lions will and have faced so far: "We've seen them on film. We haven't played them. We certainly have a lot of respect for them - they're leading our division. There's a lot of respect that goes on. There's a tough division, there's good teams, there's a lot of talent in this division. They're leading it right now and we're trying to take one away from them. But they have good players in all three phases. Probably the best special mentioned Devin Hester on special teams; they have outstanding cover players. They have outstanding specialists. Robbie Gould has drove balls five yards out of the end zone consistently. It makes it very difficult to get any returns on him. (Adam) Podlesh has been very good with his punts. Devin Hester returning both punts and kicks; their coverage units - that goes a little unnoticed. When you have Julius Peppers and Jay Cutler and Matt Forte and all the guys that they have sometimes some of those special teams players can go fly below the radar but not with us. We have a lot of respect for them. We're going to have to play our best on special teams. It's a big challenge."

On how hard it is to punt the ball out of bounds because of PR Devin Hester and if there is a risk factor involved with the strategy: "Yeah, of course. Everybody in golf tries to hit the fairway. Sometimes they hit it in the rough, sometimes they hit in the woods. I'm talking about guys on PGA tour, guys in major tournaments and things like that. People watching say, ‘Jeez, why can't he hit in the fairway?' There's definitely that element to it. It's going to take a combination of kick, location, coverage, hang time; all those things to be able don't just take Devin Hester out of the game or have good coverage against him with just one of those phases. It's going to have to take our specialists with kick location in the hang time, it's going to take our cover guys, it's going to take good schemes."

On why the Lions have scored more points in the fourth quarter than the first three in all of their games so far: "We've had to in the fourth. We've been behind and that's put the pressure on us to have to do it. We're trying just as hard in the first quarter. Certainly no design or scheme or anything like that. We have to be efficient all four quarters and it can make a difference for us if we can get a lead and we can hold a lead. But we've got to battle for 60 minutes. You're judged just like a 16 game season, you're judged on all 16 games, you're judged on all 60 minutes. So no matter where you're scoring them they all count."

On DE Julius Pepper being able to play at such a high level even though it is his 11th year in the NFL: "He's really physically talented; he's uniquely physically talented. He's a really, really big man but he's a great athlete. There are not many guys that can play basketball at the University of North Carolina and also be a top pick in the draft and all the different things...rush the passer, play the run. He's good. I don't know what else you want me to say. We see him every year. We have a lot of respect for him."

On the fourth quarter scoring being a testament to Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan's ability to adjust: "That is all part of the game. We have good game plans going in but every week you're going to have to see how opponents are playing you and find a way to have success against it. It's not by any design or anything like that. We certainly want to score in all four quarters."

On his thoughts about Ray Lewis: "I don't know much about where he is. It would surprise me if this would be the end for him. He's played at a high level even though he's gotten old in years. But he plays with a young spirit, he plays with enthusiasm for the game and I'd be very surprised if this was the last we saw of Ray Lewis."

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