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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Thursday, Oct. 18

Jim Schwartz's comments from Thursday's media session.

Scott Boehm

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Thursday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On bringing back CB Alphonso Smith: "Well we're dealing with a concussion with CB Jacob Lacey and we know how uncertain those are."

On if he stays in touch with players after they're released: "There are some guys the position coaches will check. Most of the time when it does come roster cut time, we'll be pretty upfront and honest and let them know if we have an injury they're going to get a call or not. And he was one of the guys. He's played for us. He knows the system really well. It made sense to be able to do that.

On if he has to keep a lot of corners on speed dial: "You just kind of have to go play and be able to adjust to a lot of different things. I think we'll be fine.

On if cornerback is the most injured position: "I don't know. That was a couple years ago when I saw that study. They do studies every year, but at one point it had the most games missed of other positions.

On if there's such a thing as revenge or rivalry games: "The best revenge is winning so I guess every game would be a revenge game. But rivalry for sure. Division game, for sure. These two teams, same division, know each other very well, know the personnel, know the schemes very well. There's not going to be a lot of surprises when we get to Sunday night."

On QB Jay Cutler performing well against the Lions: "He's a good player. When we played the Monday night game here, even though we sacked him a bunch and we got a win, I thought he played very, very well in that game. The last game when we played it was a little bit different. Turnovers and didn't have a whole lot of passing offense but we certainly have a lot of respect for him. He's made a couple plays with his feet. He's been mobile and he's been tough. He's played well."

On whether or not he watched Cutler play at Vanderbilt during his time with the Titans: "Yeah, I mean we watched him. I was on the Senior Bowl staff when we coached him. A lot of respect for his college career. He did a nice job there. Played against him when he was in Denver, seen a lot of different things from him."

On the Bears and all of the turnovers they force: "It's a lot like defenses - you can't worry about that. You have to worry about going and doing your job. I think they have done a good job with turnovers. It's been a combination of a lot of things. They've gotten the lead in some games, and it makes it hard to catch up and when you do they're a good pass rush team. They've created some turnovers. Forced fumbles, sacks, interceptions; they've done a really good job of putting the ball in the end zone with their defense. Obviously it's something that has made a difference in their games but I think we have to take an approach of worry about us rather than worrying too much about an opponent."

On addressing false start penalties: "Yeah, we have to do a better job. A couple of them, honestly, they were calling the line of scrimmage very tight with just little subtle movements and things like that. We can clean that up, but then also there were a couple's very rare to see a wide receiver and we had two of them. (WR) Calvin (Johnson). Calvin's a great player. He's a veteran player like (T) Jeff Backus who's played in loud stadiums before. Have to do a good job of concentrating, can't afford to be behind the chains in a game like this. Like I said, Chicago plays very well with a lead. They've played very well in long- yardage situations. Second and longs, third and longs, those kind of situations. We need to stay out of them and one of the ways we can do that is negative plays. When we played Philly we only had I think three or four yards of negative plays on offense. When it came from an actual run or a sack or something like that. But penalties put us in a bad position a couple times. We were able to overcome a bunch of them, but you never want to put yourself in that position on the road."

On the benefit for the defense being able to hold a team's running attack: "Well, honestly it really doesn't matter if it's a sack or a run play, if it's a lost-yardage play and you put the offense trying to play catch-up within the series then it makes it difficult. When they're not on track, when it's second and 14 as opposed to second and seven or second and six it obviously changes the dynamic there. Whatever you can do to create negative plays is going to help your defense. Whether it's a force holding penalty, we saw that a couple different times we've played this year, a tackle for a loss in the run game, or a sack in the passing game."

On using S Amari Spievey at nickel cornerback: "He's doing that as a backup player for us."

On if it takes a unique skill set to move from safety to cornerback in a game: "Amari's also played corner for us in games before. It sort off is in the job description of what we're looking for from safeties. You need to be multi-dimensional. A lot of guys can do it. I think the biggest thing with Amari, now being in his third year, he's very, very comfortable in the scheme, knows his way around the scheme, not just from what the safeties are supposed to do but what a nickel does and what a corner does and he's got that kind of flexibility because he played corner in college. So, I think it was more of that. But it's nothing that we're looking to go forward with unless it's an injury in the game."

On what RB Joique Bell has done to deserve a role: "He's been productive when we've given him the ball, both pass game and run game. He's a strong runner, breaks tackles, gets first downs. He's done a nice job. And he's been assignment-sound, too. He got here at the end of last year and was learning the system and was sort of a work in progress through the offseason program and training camp and stuff like that. But he's taken a nice step and he's been assignment-sound."

On what he wants to see different from CB Alphonso Smith: "Just like all players, just want him to play the scheme, play well within the scheme, play physical. And that's Alphonso and that's Kyle Vanden Bosch and Lou Delmas and all those guys."

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