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Pick 6 fantasy football: Week 4 leaderboard

Taking a look at which Pride Of Detroit users topped the Week 4 leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6.

Scores across the board for Pick 6 were down a bit this past week, especially on the Pride Of Detroit leaderboard. After having all of the top 10 score at least 90 points in Week 3, nobody even got above 86 in Week 4. That includes the winner, who finished with a score of 85.2. I only had 66.1 points and still managed to finish 14th.

Here's a look at the top 10:

  1. big.a.stahl (85.2 points)
  2. joker2400 (83.2)
  3. toekramp (82.3)
  4. Enforcer (81.8)
  5. (76.6)
  6. josh.keeler.754 (76.3)
  7. Riley Breckenridge (76.1)
  8. PM23 (75.6)
  9. NobodySpecial (75.0)
  10. nuftjedi (73.5)

For the third time in the first four weeks, the overall winner came from Buffalo Rumblings, this time with a score of 111.1 points.

You have until the Thursday night game to submit your Week 5 picks. This week there is a special "clearance sale" where certain players have "extraordinary" value, so make sure to do a thorough search before submitting your picks.

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