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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday, Oct. 24

A look at Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday.


Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say following Wednesday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On WR Brian Robiskie: "We've seen him for a couple of years. Looked at him when he came out in the draft. He's got good size, very good technique, got a little bit of experience. Hopefully we can get him up to speed right away."

On being a coach's son: "He's been raised in football. His dad's a wide receiver coach. Sometimes that might be a tough lot in life, but it's paid off for him."

On having a walk-through today instead of a full practice: "Four of our first six were on the road and we had two late trips coming back from Sunday night games and Monday night games. Just like on Thanksgiving week, we don't go back and practice the next day and we've done this before coming back from short weeks and stuff like that. More of a mental day today. Get acquainted with a new opponent. We haven't played the Seahawks since Pete Carroll has been there. Get a good chance to get a little extra rest, rest a little bit more tomorrow. Give the coaches a little bit more time too with the turnaround tomorrow. Can concentrate a little bit more because we lost a day. There are a lot of different reasons to do it and I think the players will be a little fresher as a result."

On having the No. 1 rated red zone defense: "We're 2-4. I don't know if you take any solace in any rankings or anything else. Needed another stop on the first drive of the game. They followed a long run with that touchdown. Players know what's asked of them in the red zone and they have a pretty good idea of what opponents are going to do and that's what shows. But we're only six games into the season. Any stats that we have you don't want to overreact to those things. We got to do it over the course of 16 games to feel good about them."

On the Bears defense being similar to the Seattle Seahawks defense: "There are some similarities. They play a different scheme. Very good defense. I think they're third in the League in scoring allowed. They've been in every game they've played. A lot of one score games, a lot of late victories and stuff like that. Their defense has kept them in every single game and there are similarities that way. But scheme-wise it's a little bit different, personnel-wise obviously different."

On WRs Ryan Broyles and Titus Young now having a preview of what's expected of them after WR Nate Burleson's injury in the last game: "Nate means a lot to us and will continue to in the future. But one of the few bright spots coming out of that game was the fact that Titus had a little bit of a breakout game and Broyles got his first catch, got his first touchdown. We'll spread that around. We're not just going to plug one guy into Nate's role. It's going to be Titus in some ways and Broyles in others. It's going to be (TE) Tony Scheffler in other ones. There will be increased opportunity for those guys. Those are all good players. But like you said, we're only seeing the beginning of Ryan Broyles. Titus is a very talented player and he can make a lot of plays for us also."

On how important is the win to avoid 2-5: "Well, it doesn't matter if it's to go 5-2 or to avoid 2-5. It's the next game on our schedule. It's an NFC opponent and it's a home game. We haven't had very many of those and there are a lot of reasons for it to be important. We came back from the bye, had a victory, and then had a loss. We can't afford two losses in a row."

On there being a huge difference in being 5-2 compared to 2-5: "Yeah. Like I said though, it's the next game though. Honestly it doesn't matter what's happened before or what your record is. The next game is the only important thing. If you let what's happened before, whether you are on a roll and you let that affect you going into a game, or you're coming off a loss and you let that affect you going into the game, you're in the wrong thought process. You need to take each game individually, do whatever you can to win that game, move on to the next one. That's what this League is all about."

On Seattle's defensive backs being physical: "First of all, they're the tallest corner tandem in the League. 6-4, 6-2; (S Kam) Chancellor, I don't know how tall he is, he might be 6-3. That's like a junior college basketball team. They've got some length and some size. They play physical. I think it's their length that's important to the way that they play. It's hard to throw the ball over top of them because they're, No.1, tall and, No. 2, long arms to go along with it. They've done a good job for them."

On a lot of young quarterbacks taking a step back in their second year and if QB Matthew Stafford fits that mold: "I think I'll treat that just like being number one in red zone defense right now. It's a six game sample. Over the course of 16 we'll see that. We need to score more points. Whether that's quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, however we do it we need to score more points. We need to be more efficient in the first half and Matt can help in both of those areas."

On if Burleson has had his surgery: "Not yet."

On when the surgery is scheduled: "Soon. It's just researching all the different things with him."

On if there are any rules that can be tweaked to help better protect defensive backs: "They're covering a lot of ground. Almost all their collisions are built up speed. Those guys can all run so they can build up some speed and generally they are hitting guys that are bigger than them, who have also built up speed. Offensive, defensive lineman, even linebackers and even fullbacks, it's a lot more confined space. Defensive backs it's not that way. I just see it as a product of the game. I think the NFL does a good job of protecting all players. I don't see anything else that they could do there."

On DE Chris Clemons: "He's been around the League for a while but he's probably having his best year. They rushed very well against Green Bay. Nine sacks I think. Bruce Irvin also rushed very well, (DT

Brandon) Mebane inside. They got a lot of guys that have been very productive. They sort of have two different groups. They have a base group and then a sub-group where they're getting Irvin on the field. But the constant with it all has been Clemons not just against the pass but he's been a good run-defender this year too. He's been with Washington. We remember him from the Raiders. Even though he's an experienced player, he's probably having his best year."

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