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Pride Of Detroit weekly chats presented by XFINITY (Week 5 edition)

Talk about the Lions and get your questions answered in Pride Of Detroit's first ever weekly chat.

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The Detroit Lions may be on a bye, but there is still plenty to talk about given what happened in the first four weeks of the season. In that regard, the timing of our newest series presented by XFINITY worked out pretty well. Each week, we will host a live chat here on Pride Of Detroit where you can ask questions about the Lions. I will be here for 30 minutes to answer them, and others can obviously chime in and share their own thoughts.

Basically, I'd like this to eventually become a mid-week game thread just without the game. The day and time it is held each week are not set in stone by any means, so chime in with your thoughts on when you think would be the best time for it to be held.

Fire away with your questions!

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