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Danny Crossman meets with media, discusses special teams woes

Lions special teams coordinator Danny Crossman stepped up and discussed his unit's struggles with the media on Thursday.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions special teams units have come under fire in recent weeks due to their poor play. This has resulted in a lot of criticism being directed at Danny Crossman, who is the Lions' special teams coordinator. Many have called for him to be fired, but the Lions don't have any plans to make a change during the season.

On Thursday, to his credit, Crossman stepped up to the plate and took questions from the media on the struggles his unit has had so far this season. He talked a lot about how they need to fix their problems and get better, and I thought this was a pretty good analogy (via the Free Press):

“I know that I have to get it done,” he told reporters at the team’s Allen Park facility, “whether it’s personnel, whether it’s what we’re doing, how we’re doing it.

“I’m a teacher. If you’re a teacher, and half the kids are flunking your exams, you’ve got to find a way to teach the kids better. They’re your kids. Teach them better. Find a way to get it done, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Crossman went on to say that their job on special teams is "whatever we have to do to win games." He also said he doesn't pay any attention to the calls for his job from the media and fans. MLive has a full transcript of the Q&A session.

I personally think the Lions are making a mistake by not making a change and replacing Crossman right now. However, I will say this: Crossman has 12 more games for his "kids" to start passing their exams. If we reach the end of the season and they are still "flunking" them, then a change will almost certainly be made, whether Jim Schwartz likes it or not.

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