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Lions approval ratings: Jim Schwartz (October 2012)

The question is simple: Do you approve of the job Jim Schwartz is doing as head coach of the Lions?

Leon Halip - Getty Images

I'm kicking myself right about now for not doing a September approval ratings poll for Jim Schwartz. I say that because I would imagine the poll now would be quite different compared to one before the season. Just based on the general feeling around the Detroit Lions, it seems a lot of people are starting to change their opinion of Schwartz. 1-3 starts tend to do that, I suppose.

While we don't have anything recent to compare it to, I am still interested in seeing what Schwartz's current approval rating is. While the Lions are 1-3 right now, Schwartz did lead the Lions back to the playoffs for the first time in a long time last season. Does the 1-3 start overshadow what he did last season enough to affect your vote in this poll?

The criteria for how you vote in this poll are really up to you. You can base your vote strictly on what Schwartz has done lately, or you can choose to look at his entire tenure. Or, if you're unsure, you can vote for that option as well.

What do you think, Lions fans? Do you approve of the job Schwartz is doing as head coach?

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