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Lions practice squad: Detroit signs Devin Moore, releases Troy Burrell

The Detroit Lions have made yet another change to their practice squad.

Brad White

As they have done quite frequently on Tuesdays as of late, the Detroit Lions once again made a change to their practice squad on Tuesday night. The Lions parted ways with wide receiver Troy Burrell, who was just added to the practice squad last week, and they filled his spot with running back Devin Moore.

Moore has been in the NFL since 2009. He began his career as an undrafted free agent with the Seattle Seahawks and later played for the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts. He was active for the Colts in four games in 2010, and the numbers weren't very impressive, as he had all of two carries for -2 yards. Also, he fumbled one of his carries and had a fumble on one of his 12 kick returns (he averaged 21.4 yards per return).

As far as I can tell, Moore hasn't been with a team since the Colts released him before the 2011 season.

Here's an updated look at the Lions' practice squad:

RB Devin Moore
FB Shaun Chapas
WR Kris Durham
OG Rodney Austin
DE Kendrick Adams
DT Jimmy Saddler-McQueen
LB Carmen Messina
CB Conroy Black

Practice squad IR:

WR Patrick Edwards
CB Lionel Smith

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