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Ndamukong Suh won't be suspended for kick on Matt Schaub

The NFL has decided not to suspend Ndamukong Suh for his kick on Matt Schaub on Thanksgiving.

Gregory Shamus

In a move that comes as a surprise, the NFL has decided against suspending Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for his kick to Matt Schaub's groin on Thanksgiving. Given comments made on Friday by a representative of the league, it seemed almost certain that Suh would be suspended again simply because of his past. However, the NFL announced on Monday that no suspension will be handed out.

As Aiello stated in his tweet, Suh could still be fined for the incident. Even so, a fine is not a very big deal in the grand scheme of things compared to yet another suspension for something that happened in a nationally televised game on Thanksgiving. Some people were predicting that Suh would receive a suspension even worse than the one from last year, so this is very good news for him and the Lions.

In the end, I'm guessing the NFL decided not to suspend Suh because there just wasn't evidence that he kicked Schaub on purpose. The replays were simply inconclusive, so this was a rare case of sanity prevailing in the league office.

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