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Ndamukong Suh receives another traffic ticket, although this one may be dropped

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh recently received another traffic ticket, but this one sounds like it is going to be dropped.


This will come as a surprise to nobody, but Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was pulled over and ticketed back on Nov. 15. Fox 2 Detroit first discovered the ticket, which was based on an officer's account that Suh was speeding and nearly caused an accident when he cut over as the right lane was ending. The incident happened north of 11 Mile on Southfield Road in Lathrup Village.

While Suh was ticketed for failure to use due care and caution, it doesn't exactly sound like that ticket will stand based on what Police Chief William Armstrong had to say about the case. From the Free Press:

After watching dashboard video of the incident, Armstrong said he feels "the charge wasn’t proper for what Mr. Suh did."

"I would have said, if anything, speeding," Armstrong said. "And looking at the video tape, it’s hard to say exactly how fast he was going. When you look at the video, it appears that he’s traveling faster than the other vehicles around him, but was it excessive? I don’t think it was excessive, and he’s merging over and from what I see on the tape, as far as when he merges over, my opinion, I don’t see the near-accident."

Like his play on the field, Suh has really lost any benefit of the doubt when it comes to driving incidents given his past. However, much like the Thanksgiving kick that didn't actually result in a suspension, this appears to be a case where Suh won't actually end up being ticketed when all is said and done.

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