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What is your game-day setup for watching the Lions?

How do you watch Detroit Lions games? Share your game-day setup.


While I'm sure many of you are at a stadium on Sundays during football season, many prefer the home experience for watching games. By that, I mean watching the Detroit Lions from the comfort of your game-day setup, be it a janky stream on your laptop, a 60-inch HDTV or a wall-sized projector.

I'm interested to hear what your personal game-day setup consists of. Do you watch the game in a "man room" that is filled with TVs and various pieces of memorabilia? Do you have a simpler setup that is just a couch and a TV? Do you have your laptop open to chat with fellow fans during the game?

My personal setup is rather straightforward. I have a 55-inch LED TV, and I have my laptop in front of me. During a game, I typically will have the Pride Of Detroit open thread up, as well as Twitter. It can be tough to keep an eye on everything, not to mention the game, but nowadays it would feel weird watching football without my laptop open.

Sometimes, when there are too many different sports going on at the same time, I will break out a two-TV setup:


I haven't used this setup yet on an NFL Sunday since my focus is usually strictly on the Lions' game. However, in the future, during the Lions' bye week, I could certainly see myself putting NFL RedZone on one TV and a game of note on another.

What does your setup on game day look like?

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