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ProFootballWeekly editor apologizes for publishing anonymous GM's comments on Dominic Raiola

ProFootballWeekly editor Hub Arkush has apologized for printing an anonymous NFL general manager's comments on Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola.

Frederick Breedon

You would think that there wouldn't be too many negative stories about the Detroit Lions this week considering they are back at .500 after winning three of their last four games. They have shaken off a rough start to the season to get back into contention for a playoff spot, and they seem to be trending in the right direction.

On Tuesday, there was in fact a negative story thanks to the anonymous rival GM who first made headlines by trashing the entire franchise last month. On Tuesday, the anonymous GM turned his attention to Dominic Raiola, who had called out the unnamed criticizer for hiding behind anonymity. The GM's latest comments were as cowardly as ever, as he called Raiola a "complete fraud" while continuing to remain anonymous. I don't know why this moron thought it was a good idea to respond to Raiola, but the reaction to the comments has made it pretty clear that people are taking Raiola's side.

Even ProFootballWeekly, the website that published the comments, appears to be taking Raiola's side. Editor Hub Arkush, in an email response to a reader, apologized for allowing the GM to respond to Raiola's comments while continuing to remain anonymous. This email was copied to various members of the Lions organization, and the team posted it on their website on Tuesday afternoon. Take a look:

"You know what? You’re right and I hope you will accept my apologies. As the Publisher and Editor here this was totally my responsibility and I failed Pro Football Weekly, my staff and our readers.

"The Audibles section has been a thorn in my side for some time as I personally have several issues with it, but it is also one of the most popular features we run and the majority of our readers love it so I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can absolutely guarantee you every word in it comes from over – the – top credible sources but the restriction on getting such gritty, truth – off – the – bone commentary and analysis is if our sources agreed to be quoted most could lose their jobs. Do we give our readers this great, insiders’ analysis and commentary with our guarantee of the quality of the sources, or do we give you none of it because it is anonymous? I suspect you love it when it’s done right and not about your team.

"This was not done right. The original commentary on the Lions was fair and reasonable, as was Raiola’s reaction. But when Raiola called our critic out and we allowed him/her to take a second, personal and yet still anonymous shot at Raiola, that was over the line. You have my promise, we will do better. I’ve blind copied Martin Mayhew, Bill Keenist and Matt Barnhart, the Lions Director of Media Operations so that they can see my apology and in the hopes they will share it with Raiola and let him know that I would like the chance to apologize to him personally as well. I believe we get it right here 99% of the time but when you’re wrong, you’re wrong and I really appreciate you calling it to my attention. You are free to share this e – mail with whoever you like. Thank you, and thanks for reading PFW and taking the time to comment."

I'm glad that PFW realizes its mistake, but this doesn't really do much for me considering the comments were in fact published. You can't take back the "complete fraud" remark about Raiola that has become public consumption, and we still don't even know the identity of the anonymous GM who made the comments. Obviously PFW isn't going to out their source, as they would never get anyone to talk to them again, but it would be nice for this coward's identity to leak out.

I would suggest that the anonymous GM simply man up and reveal his identity, but we all know that isn't going to happen. It wouldn't be in this coward's best interests to attach a name to his pathetic comments, so don't expect his identity to ever come out. If it somehow does, though, all I can say is that the GM better make sure he's never in the same room as Raiola. Then we'll truly find out who the fraud is, and I can guarantee you it won't be Raiola.

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