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Dominic Raiola returns fire at anonymous GM

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola responded to comments made about him by an anonymous NFL general manager by using some very choice words.

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The war of words between Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola and an anonymous NFL general manager continued on Wednesday. The latest development in this bizarre situation involved Raiola responding to some harsh comments that were made about him in an article that was published on ProFootballWeekly on Tuesday. The comments have since been removed from the article, but the damage has been done, and Raiola let both PFW and the coward who won't attach a name to his criticism have it. From WXYZ (click the link for video of Raiola's comments):

"All I've got to say is, to two people: Whoever's talking $^it, and then the person who wrote it, on Pro Football Weekly - Cowards, gutless, balls-less - you got no name? Anonymous? All I gotta say is, 'F**k you,' said Raiola.

"That's it. Now we move on to Minnesota. That's all I got. Now, if I spend any more time on it, that's what he wants so f**k him and f**k both of them. That's all I got."

Raiola has every right to be pissed off considering he was called a "complete fraud" by someone who decided to hide behind anonymity. He also has every right to be angry at PFW. An editor did apologize on Tuesday over the comments being published, and as mentioned, the comments have since been removed. However, that doesn't erase the comments from anybody's memory, and it certainly doesn't bring us any closer to knowing who was behind them.

Considering it doesn't sound like PFW will be publishing any more of this anonymous GM's thoughts on Raiola, this should be the end of this story. Raiola said his piece on Wednesday, and with an important game coming up, he doesn't want this to become a distraction. Really the only way this story should continue on is if we find out the identity of the anonymous GM, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

All I can say at this point is that I hope the comments motivate Raiola to take his game to another level, and I hope the Lions rally around him and feel extra motivated as well. The best way to deliver a "f**k you" to the anonymous GM behind these comments is to go out and kick some you know what on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

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