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Pick 6 fantasy football: Week 14 leaderboard

Taking a look at which Pride Of Detroit users topped the Week 14 leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6.

John Grieshop

Scores for SB Nation Pick 6 were down a bit this week on the Pride Of Detroit leaderboard. The top score was only 78.4, which didn't even come close to cracking the top 20 on the overall leaderboard. What's more, getting into the 60s was good enough for the top 10 on POD.

Here's a look at the top 10 for Pride Of Detroit in Week 14:

  1. bwilley (78.4 points)
  2. rico1080 (77.1)
  3. LonnieLion (73.8)
  4. Lionz Fowlweatherfan (73.6)
  5. seabeeruss (71.6)
  6. TMadison25 (71.6)
  7. Sean Yuille (71.3)
  8. ncbur10 (68.8)
  9. Doc_H (67.0)
  10. (64.5)

The overall winner for Week 14 was dlaw51 from Bolts From The Blue, SB Nation's San Diego Chargers blog, with 107.9 points.

With the season starting to wind down, so are your chances to top the leaderboard for SB Nation Pick 6. So make sure you set your lineup for Week 15 before the Thursday night game kicks off.

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