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Nate Burleson to serve as guest NFL analyst for ESPN this week

Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson is going to serve as a guest NFL analyst for several ESPN shows this week.


Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson has made it known that when he's done playing football, he would like to get involved in the world of television. Last summer, he attended the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp, and by all accounts he did an excellent job.

Burleson is now going to get a chance to get some real world experience by serving as a guest NFL analyst for ESPN on Wednesday and Thursday. According to the Lions' official site, Burleson will appear on the following shows:

Wednesday, December 19
First Take – ESPN2, 10am – 12pm
SportsCenter (ESPN, 12 – 3pm)
NFL Live (ESPN, 4pm)

Thursday, December 20
NFL Live (ESPN, 4pm)

The coolest part of this is that Burleson is going to appear on NFL Live with Jerry Rice and talk about how Rice's single-season receiving record could fall to Calvin Johnson. It'll be interesting to get Burleson's take on Johnson's pursuit of history and the Lions' disappointing season.

While it's been tough for both the Lions and Burleson to not have him on the field because of his season-ending leg injury, this should be a good experience for him.

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