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2013 NFL Draft order: Lions still hold fifth pick (for now)

As it stands right now, the Detroit Lions could end up picking as high as third or as low as ninth in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Week 16 didn't change anything in the 2013 NFL Draft order for the Detroit Lions. They are still slated to pick fifth overall after losing to the Atlanta Falcons. This is because the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles also lost, maintaining the top five. Here's a look at where things stand for the top nine going into Week 17 (via SB Nation):

1. Kansas City Chiefs - 2-13 (.489 SOS)
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - 2-13 (.551 SOS)
3. Oakland Raiders - 4-11 (.471 SOS)
4. Philadelphia Eagles - 4-11 (.507 SOS)
5. Detroit Lions - 4-11 (.569 SOS)
6. Buffalo Bills - 5-10 (.493 SOS)
7. Cleveland Browns - 5-10 (.502 SOS)
8. Tennessee Titans - 5-10 (.538 SOS)
9. Arizona Cardinals - 5-10 (.553 SOS)

Because of how the standings currently shake out, the Lions go into Week 17 still with the possibility of picking as high as third or as low as ninth. Should the Lions lose to the Chicago Bears and the Raiders and Eagles both win their games, for example, the Lions will pick third. Should the Lions win, they could fall all the way to ninth if all of the 5-10 teams lose. (A tough strength of schedule: the gift that just keeps on giving. Ugh.)

Interestingly enough, the Lions could still pick fifth overall even if they beat the Bears. It's not likely since this scenario would require a Bills win at the New York Jets, a Browns win at the Pittsburgh Steelers, a Titans win at home against the Jaguars and a Cardinals win at the San Francisco 49ers, but hey, it's still a possibility. That would be the best scenario in my book, as the Lions would pick up a win over the Bears and still get the fifth overall pick.

What we do know right now is that if the Lions lose, they are guaranteed to pick somewhere between third and fifth. If they win, the range is a bit larger and will depend on what happens with the other five-win teams and how strength of schedule shakes out.

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