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Pro Bowl voting results 2013: Calvin Johnson makes NFC roster

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has once again been named to the Pro Bowl. He is the Lions' lone representative this season.


For the third year in a row, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has been named to the NFL Pro Bowl as a starter. Just like last season, he is the Lions' lone representative for the game. There was some thought that defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh could be named to his second career Pro Bowl, but he will instead serve as an alternate, as will Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

For Johnson, this honor is likely just the first of many he will receive in the coming weeks. He has had a career season, and it's not even over yet. Johnson has already broken Jerry Rice's record for the most yards receiving in a single season, and he has a legitimate shot at crossing the 2,000-yard mark on Sunday.

It remains to be seen if Johnson will actually play in the 2013 Pro Bowl. He skipped the game last season to rest up since he was recovering from an Achilles injury. Considering he has dealt with various injuries this season, it's certainly possible he could opt to skip the game again.

The Pro Bowl itself is pretty pointless in terms of the "game" that is played, but it's still a big honor for a player to be named a Pro Bowler. For that, I say congratulations, Megatron.

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