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Who is the NFL's offensive MVP?

Can you make the case for Calvin Johnson for offensive MVP, or should this be Adrian Peterson's award?

Hannah Foslien

Gillette's "No Debate" question this week is as follows: "Who has been this year's offensive MVP and why?" To me, there are really four players who immediately come to mind for offensive MVP: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson.

The two quarterbacks are no strangers to the MVP conversation. Both Brady and Manning have been named the NFL MVP in the past, and given what they've done on the field this year, they certainly should be in the mix to win it again. As for the question of if either is this year's offensive MVP, I say no. We've seen the New England Patriots succeed without Brady before, and although the Denver Broncos are obviously a much better team this year, they did make the playoffs last season with Tim Tebow leading the way.

I suppose you must be thinking I'm about to make the case for Johnson as offensive MVP. He does have an argument with what he has done this season, especially considering he has a chance to become the first player ever to record 2,000 yards receiving. However, I can't look past the Lions' 4-11 record and Johnson's lack of touchdowns. Is he one of the league's top offensive players? For sure. But as far as the idea of being the most valuable player on offense, the Lions have been bad even with Johnson.

This leads me to Peterson. I voted for him as the overall MVP in SB Nation's NFL awards, and I certainly think he is the offensive MVP. I know, I know, he plays for a division rival in the Minnesota Vikings. But to me, it's clear he has been the most valuable offensive player. The Vikings are in position to potentially make the playoffs, and this is with Christian Ponder as their quarterback. Just imagine how bad that offense would be without Peterson. The injury he suffered at the end of last season made it seem like the Vikings would be without Peterson, but his remarkable recovery has sparked that team in a big way.

What do you think? Is the offensive MVP Peterson, Johnson, Brady, Manning or perhaps someone else?

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