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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz comments on Sunday's loss to Colts

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's press conference following Sunday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts.


Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Sunday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On how Avery got so open on the final play: "We did a poor job. We were protecting the end zone. The worst job was letting the quarterback escape. If we put the quarterback on the clock, if we don't give him a place to scramble, he never finds that guy dragging across the field. Our guys were defending the end zone in that situation. We have to do a better job of pass rushing. There were a lot of other plays. We have a chance to stop them on fourth down. No. 1, we don't get it done and we get a penalty. When you're defending two-minute situations, you can't give up big chunks and you can't have penalties. In the series before we gave up a ball over our head and we're up two scores. Inexcusable. We give up a chunk down the seam in that same situation. We let the quarterback escape. Those are things we can't do in a two-minute and that's why we were on the other side of that."

On the decision to run the ball on third down the final play of the previous drive: "They're out of timeouts, we can burn the clock all the way down to a minute and 20 in that situation. You saw the way the time was at the end of that game. We did a poor job of managing it after that, but that was the right decision at that point.

"We were still trying to get a first down. They were loading up pressure inside, we were trying to get on the outside of it. That had nothing to do with it. That's the right decision to make right there. It's after that that we didn't get the job done."

On if it's surprising him that players are not executing down the stretch: "We had a chance to make two interceptions to get off the field on that last drive - we had the ball in our hands twice. We have to make those. It's the NFL and you have to make it and you don't have very many opportunities to make it if you don't."

On where the team goes from here and how they bounce back: "This is a tough league for tough people and we'll find out who's tough and who's not."

On the punt on that last drive: "Terrible. Terrible. If we don't make the first down right there, we take the time all the way down to one second, we get a good punt, at least it's on the 20-yard line if not inside the 20. In that situation we got our worst punt of the game right there and we weren't even rushed in that situation either."

On why this team can't make plays at the end of games: "It's not just at the end of the game, but that's what this league is all about. Like I said, we have opportunities the way we did - you don't get that many chances. As players, as coaches, as a team, you don't get that many chances. Each of them has been a different situation, but it's all come down to a play and we'll do whatever we can to get people in position to be able to make those plays."

On WR Titus Young's situation: "He was back with the team in practice, he was part of our inactives today and he was told by me not to come to the stadium today."

On why he was told not to come to the game: "Because we're going to concentrate on the 46 that were active and thought that was best ... I'm going to do what's best for the team and I thought's that what was best for the team today."

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