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Titus Young's time with Detroit Lions likely just about over

It sounds like the Detroit Lions are about to be done with wide receiver Titus Young for good.

Gregory Shamus

Titus Young may finally be out of chances with the Detroit Lions. The second-year wide receiver has once again been sent home by the team, and it doesn't sound like he will be back anytime soon. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said on Monday that Young is not in the mix at wide receiver, and Schwartz made it sound like the team may be getting ready to move on for good. From MLive:

"Titus will not part of our wide receiver mix (this Sunday)," Schwartz said. "He's not with the team right now. If I have any further updates, I'll let you guys know ... He's not going to practice. He's not with the team right now."

The Lions brought Young back to practice last week in hopes that he had changed his attitude. Clearly, that didn't happen. Young was told to stay away from Ford Field on Sunday by the Lions in order to not be a distraction to the team, and now the Lions may be on the verge of ensuring that he won't be a distraction at all by releasing him. Schwartz indicated that an update on Young might be coming later in the week, and speculation points toward him being let go.

If the Lions do decide to release Young, it will be a move that comes with the support of the locker room. Dominic Raiola spoke out against Young last week, and Rob Sims expressed his disappointment with Young on Monday.

At this point, I hope the Lions do just decide to release Young. I was hopeful that he would come back with a different attitude or at the very least do enough to build up some trade value, but it's clear that's not going to happen. Not only are the coaches seemingly through with Young, but the players have turned against him as well. I just don't see how he can return again and contribute anything to the team.

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