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Lions could 'reshape' front office, according to report

According to a report, it's not out of the question that the Detroit Lions could "reshape" their front office and alter Martin Mayhew's role.

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Most of the speculation surrounding the Detroit Lions right now revolves around the head coaching position and whether or not Jim Schwartz will be retained going into 2013. Could there actually be changes higher up in the franchise, though? According to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, it's not completely out of the question that the Lions could make changes in the front office, specifically involving general manager Martin Mayhew. La Canfora had this to say on Sunday:

And several league sources believe the Lions could reshape their front office as well, with longtime exec Martin Mayhew possibly in a different role.

La Canfora actually said that the Lions are among the teams "not planning to make any changes at this time" when it comes to their head coach, but the disclaimer was that the situation could be complicated by a possible general manager change. This is why there is speculation about Mayhew potentially being removed from the GM position and the front office being reshaped.

Personally, I'm having a tough time buying this speculation. I could see a head coaching change for sure, but are we really to believe that Mayhew could already be out as GM considering how long the Lions waited to finally fire Matt Millen? What's more, if the Lions do end up deciding to find a new GM, what is the point in keeping Mayhew around? If you're going to make a change, clean house and start fresh. There's no sense in keeping Mayhew in the front office if he's not the general manager as far as I'm concerned.

One thing that is for certain right now is that the next few days will be very interesting for the Lions. Not only will we be waiting on the official word on Schwartz's status, but given all of the speculation, we will need the official word on Mayhew as well. I would still be shocked if any substantial changes are made to the front office or the coaching staff, but the door to changes does seem quite a bit more open than it was at this time last week.

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