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Nick Fairley's marijuana charge dropped by prosecutors

The marijuana charge Nick Fairley was facing was dismissed on Tuesday.


Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley got some good news on Tuesday. Prosecutors asked for the misdemeanor marijuana charge he was facing to be dismissed, and Municipal Judge Matt Green complied with the request, according to Fairley was in court on Tuesday in Mobile, Ala., and the charge was dropped after he passed a drug test.

Here are the details on why the charge was dropped:

According to a statement from the prosecutor that Green read in court, authorities indicated that they were unsure that they would be able prove that a pair of partially smoked, hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes in Fairley’s car were his. A passenger in the vehicle, Eric Taylor, told police that he would take responsibility for the drugs.

With the marijuana case now wrapped up, one would think that the NFL will now make a decision on whether or not Fairley will be hit with a suspension. Back in the summer, it seemed almost certain that Fairley would be suspended given that he was arrested in the offseason on two separate occasions (once for marijuana and once for a DUI). Now, however, with this charge being dropped, perhaps Fairley will be able to avoid a suspension.

If the NFL does decide to suspend Fairley, my hope is that it will happen before the 2012 season is over. Considering the Lions are out of the playoff race at this point, losing Fairley to close out 2012 wouldn't sting nearly as much as losing him for the start of the 2013 season.

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