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Detroit Lions place Titus Young on injured reserve

The Detroit Lions have placed Titus Young on injured reserve, ending his season.

Al Messerschmidt

Wide receiver Titus Young is officially done with the Detroit Lions for the rest of the 2012 season. He hasn't been released, though. Instead, the Lions decided to place him on injured reserve. The move was announced on Tuesday and ends any chance of him playing again this season.

This move comes as a bit of a surprise considering Young wasn't even listed on the injury report last week. I'm not at all surprised that the Lions made a move to end Young's season, but I am confused over how the NFL actually let this go through. The Lions are claiming a knee injury as the reason for the move, but it's pretty clear the reason they did this had nothing to do with an actual injury (unless stupidity suddenly counts as an injury).

Once you get past the ridiculousness of it, I suppose this isn't a bad move by the Lions. The coaches now can move on for the rest of 2012 and not have to worry about Young being a distraction, and they can also bring in somebody else to take Young's roster spot. For those in the front office, the move gives them more time to evaluate the situation and think about what they want to do with Young (release him, try to trade him, etc.).

I still think this story is going to end with Young being released at some point, but at the very least I suppose this move leaves the door open for a trade or even a return down the road if he changes his ways. I really doubt he will actually come back and play for the Lions again, but from his perspective, I suppose this beats being released.

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