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Ndamukong Suh denies celebrating Winston Justice's injury in Colts game

Ndamukong Suh once again drew some criticism from an opponent, but it seems to be overblown.

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It wouldn't be a Detroit Lions game without some kind of controversy, especially controversy that involves Ndamukong Suh. There was no kicking incident last Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, but Suh once again came under fire from an opposing player.

Specifically, Colts offensive guard Mike McGlynn accused Suh and teammates of "dancing and pointing at [Winston Justice] and laughing" after Justice suffered a concussion on a block by Suh on Don Carey's fourth-quarter interception return. McGlynn called their actions "blatant disrespect" and said that he hopes the Lions never win another game.

The TV replays don't capture the block in question, but Dave Birkett took a look at the coaches film and determined that the hit looked clean. The NFL also reportedly believes the block was clean and determined it was legal earlier this week. In other words, don't expect a fine.

The ensuing celebration was not captured on the coaches film made available to those with NFL Game Rewind, but WXYZ's Tom Leyden got a look at what happened and disagreed with McGlynn's accusations. Leyden said that the Lions players in the vicinity weren't even looking at Justice, indicating that they likely weren't out there taunting him.

The Lions have come out strongly against these claims based on what their own film showed. Jim Schwartz said earlier this week that players were simply celebrating the interception, and Suh agreed with that assessment on Wednesday. From the Free Press:

"Since Sunday, there’s been, I mean, tremendous accusations, a lot of things that have been said about me and the particular play that happened between me and Winston Justice," Suh said. "I’m the type of player that would never celebrate anybody being hurt.

"I was celebrating about my team playing well. And I’ve been the guy since the beginning of that game, especially, just excited, elated. You saw me jumping around with Nick (Fairley) and for me, I feel bad that it was something I even had to deal with on Sunday and really, throughout the week."

Suh went on to say that he hopes Justice "heals back up real fast and is back on the football field." Regardless of the claims, I think we can all agree that there's nothing funny about concussions, and I agree with Suh in that I hope Justice is able to come back "real fast" from this injury.

I have to say, though, it's really amazing how much Suh has gotten under the skin of opposing players. His reputation is one thing, but Suh has been really dominant in recent weeks. Especially against the Colts, Suh was in the backfield on seemingly every play, and I'm sure Andrew Luck is glad he doesn't have to face him again anytime soon. Suh had one hell of a game, and at this point it really does seem like he's in the head of opposing players.

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