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Titus Young likely will have knee surgery 'unless he doesn't show up for it'

Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young is expected to have knee surgery, indicating that he was placed on injured reserve for a legitimate reason.


How did the Detroit Lions manage to put wide receiver Titus Young on injured reserve despite him not even being on the injury report last week? Well, it turns out Young is likely going to have knee surgery to correct an issue that has been bugging him for some time now. The injury isn't anything new, but the decision to have surgery is. Thus, the Lions put him on IR. (He likely could play through this, of course, but given his issues, putting him on IR was a no-brainer.)

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz announced this news on Wednesday and also managed to get in a dig at Young at the same time.

Not a good sign is right. Young has clearly fallen out of favor with the Lions, so much so that Schwartz wasn't even ready to commit to staying in touch with Young after he goes through rehab and physical therapy. That simply reaffirms the notion that Young will eventually be released or traded (if possible) by the Lions at some point in the upcoming offseason.

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