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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's Wednesday media session.


Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say on Wednesday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On how Green Bay's offense is different with WR Greg Jennings: "Another good player. I think when he went out you saw the emergence of (WR) Randall Cobb on offense. He always played a key role on special teams, but he went from sort of a gadget player on offense to being an integral part of their offense in the slot. Never really noticed that Greg Jennings was missing but now that he's back, it's another playmaker for them on offense. They use a lot of four wide receiver sets, even four wide receivers and a tight end no running back in the game so it gives them another guy on offense. (Jennings is) obviously an experienced guy and an explosive playmaker."

On the decision to place WR Titus Young on IR: "Very similar to (T) Jason Fox last year with his knee. (It's) something that's been on the radar since the spring and we'll move on without him."

On there being more circumstances involved with Young: "Yeah, doesn't change the fact that he needed to have it done."

On staying in contact with Young beyond the rehab process: "We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

On Young having surgery: "Yeah, most likely. Yes, unless he doesn't show up for it."

On rebuilding the wide receiver core: "We expect to operate at full capacity on offense. We'll bring Kris Durham up to the active roster. Brought Lance Long in, he made a lot of plays for us in the preseason. Mike Thomas is one more week in the offense and (Brian) Robiskie has been here. All those guys have credentials; all those guys can make plays. We have (a) quarterback that can get them the ball. We expect all those guys to play and play well. Last game we played we didn't get very much production out of our wide receivers. I mean Calvin (Johnson) does what he does but we didn't get a whole lot of other contributions. I expect this game we'll even do better than we were last game."

On Durham averaging more than 20 yards per reception his senior year at Georgia: "He's got speed, he's got size. He had some injuries in college and you know it's a great opportunity for guys like that. We've seen (RB) Joique Bell who labored on practice squads for a couple years and was sort of waiting for an opportunity and when he did he made the most of it. And that's what a guy like Kris Durham, Brian Robisikie and possibly even Lance Long, that's what their task is."

On if you have memories of your reaction to RB Barry Sander's retirement: "Yeah, actually I was part of the last game he played. Played the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore. It's one of those weeks that you don't sleep very well the whole week because you lose about 10 pounds because there's no scheme that can really stop him. I think that it's rare nowadays that guys retire when they're at the top of their game. I think there is something to be said for guys that walk away on their own terms. Jim Brown did it, Barry Sanders did it. It's pretty good company."

On if you celebrated his retirement as a defensive guy: "Well, we were an AFC team so it was going to be three more years. We figured that would probably be the last time that we got him. But I did that once with (QB Brett) Favre also. You know like, OK that will be the last one. You know we get four more years to see Favre and then he gets traded to the AFC or signs in the AFC or something like that. Those guys that can't be put out of a game with scheme, those guys are special. We have one right here in Calvin Johnson. Every week they start the game plan with, ‘Hey we have to stop Calvin Johnson.' I'm sure when Barry Sanders was here every week every opponent started with, ‘Can't let Barry Sanders beat us.' I know we did. Those guys that can still have production regardless and still have not just one year of production but have careers of production when they're marked men, those guys are Hall of Famers obviously."

On if you feel that there is a rivalry with the Packers when the records are one-sided: "They're a division team, there better be. We haven't won in Lambeau for about 20 years or whatever it's been. Anytime you have division opponents you play them twice a year there is definitely a rivalry there, even if it's been one-sided. It's our job to get that back. Playing close games isn't enough. We have to come out with a win."

On what makes playing in Lambeau so tough: "Just like anywhere else. Good fans, crowded stadium. Every place you go in the NFL is a tough place to play. Our division: Minnesota is a very difficult place to play; Chicago is a difficult place, Green Bay. They all (have) a little different surface at each place -outdoors/indoors. We have to win on the road. Certainly a good sign of where we can go and what we can do is getting a win at Lambeau."

On players from other teams taking shots at DT Ndamukong Suh and if it has reached a point of being unfair: "It's just part of media coverage. It's part of 24-hour access. It's part of needing to fill programming spots and everything else. I think everybody is going to ask it and try to report it and things like that. When you need the League to comment that plays were legal and stuff like that. I mean that's just a sign of the times and you have to live with it when you're a player. It's just like I said before, scrutiny is part of this League; coverage is part of this League. Just go out and play. Don't worry about stuff like that. Go out and play hard, play physical, play within the rules, don't get penalties and I think that speaks for itself."

On if there is a connection between DT Nick Fairley emerging and Suh coming on statistically: "No. I think that Suh's play has been consistent the whole year and sometimes again, you can get too orientated in stats and stuff like that. Worry about accomplishing your job within the defense, playing tough, playing physical. He's done those kind of things. But our defensive tackles have played well. Even Corey Williams, it was good to get him back on the field. He made a couple plays for us. He's been sorely missed. But Nick has emerged and has played well, and I think that's a good sign not just for Ndamukong, but it's a good sign for our defensive line, it's a good sign for our defense."

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